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Wickebine Kigyouden Wickebine Kigyouden

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I loved this game. It reminded me a lot of Phoenotopia in a weird way. Though the castlevania and megaman references are pretty blatant. And that last fight. Let's just say the evasion subweapon is OP. Like, really OP.

Some glitches:

1. In the end-game boss rush, I kept dying if my health went below 5,000. It would become NaN. This is a programming mistake that can easily be avoided by being more diligent with your handling of types. Try using strict type equality (=== and !==) instead of value-only equality (== and !=), for instance. Oh, and use isNaN() to make sure a value that you expect to be a number is always a number. Remember, NaN isn't equal to anything, not even itself.

2. When I defeated Not-Sans, I hit her right before her dialogue popped up. This resulted in the entity being erased, I guess, because after she spoke her dialogue, I couldn't hit her at all (because I already did) and was basically stuck in limbo. I don't really feel like doing that fight again to see what happens when you don't accidentally hit her at the wrong frame and get stuck in limbo, but I thought I'd let you know.

Walk to the door Walk to the door

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game. Solid concept. A bit boring in execution. The reason you get a 4/5 is because level 1:11 seems to be impossible.

I don't know if you are evil or if you just goofed up, but I threw together a screenshot to illustrate the problem I am having. Here are two links to said image, hosted on my dump and on imgur:


(As always, be cautious with links, make sure to filter out the random spaces NG will insert.)

I'll PM you as well. Other players beware!

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Playing both this and the other one, I've figured out what your problem is: controls.

You sit there making the game without thinking about the user or the interface. And when it comes time to create that link, you get excited about releasing the game, and do it in the cheapest/fastest way possible, resulting in terrible controls. In Red Avoid, the problem is the acceleration being too fast, in this game, the problem is that the ship noses right up the mouse cursor's arse making it awkward to move around and aim.

Everything else is decent. It's because of the bad controls that both of these games are unplayable.

Red Avoid! Red Avoid!

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I'm sure others have said it already, but this is WAAAAY too hard to control. The acceleration is impossible to get a handle on because it's so fast, and combined with the precise movement needed to survive, it makes this unplayable.

Game.Init() Game.Init()

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Interesting concept. And I like the cute little code snippets shown throughout the game. Programmer humor, etc.

Though the character motivation for the GLaDOS-esque creator doesn't make sense -- if you programmed an A.I. to test levels, and fed it an "impossible" level, why would you get mad when it proves the level's beatable? It doesn't mean the AI's defying you, it just means you suck at making impossible levels, to the point where your own cheap level-testing A.I. could beat it with little effort.

It's like blaming the compiler for refusing to compile your code. The compiler's not wrong. YOU are. And it's telling you why.

Obviously, if you are capable of programming an A.I. that can beat levels that apparently you yourself couldn't beat (and by "you" I mean the character that speaks to the player throughout the game), this kind of attitude doesn't make any sense. A programmer with that much experience would instead take it face value to mean the level's not impossible, just as he would look at a failing unit test and take it to mean he accidentally broke something.

Now onto the parts that pissed me off. Or to put it nicer, the "complaints section".

Take a look at the binary in level 21.


(split into bytes for convenience)

In case you didn't notice, the length doesn't divide by 8. It's exactly 9.75 bytes. An impossible number of bytes that no CPU with a word size >= 4 bits would recognize. It's malformed. It's probably random 0's and 1's. I tried zero-padding it on both sides, and both strings came out as garbage.

With left-padding: 15 82 E5 6B AC 16 61 D6 D5 6D
With right-padding: 56 0B 95 AE B0 59 87 5B 55 B4

The right-padded version looks almost like ASCII, as 56 is within the 41 .. 5A (A .. Z) range. But then you get 0B. 0B is a control character. An obscure one. It's called "Vertical Tabulation" or VT for short. Nobody uses this. Nobody inserts vertical tabs in text files. And if I insert that character in my text editor, it renders it as "^K" (K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. 11 == 0x0B). The only contexts the byte 0B would make sense in are data and machine code.

This is surprising, because from a game such as this, where you presumably spent at least more than a month making it, you'd think some research would be done when inserting binary as dialogue. You'd think a programmer would know his binary. You'd think someone could at least find an online ascii-to-bin converter and encode something cheeky like "Hello World" as a binary string. But no, you spammed random 1's and 0's. How patronizing.

This feels insulting to the intelligence of the people who would most appreciate the aesthetic of the game. It's disingenuous and lazy.

Also Level 24. It's a pain in the ass, and not in a good way. There's legitimate challenge, and then there's bad design. I'm sorry, but this level is badly designed. The only chance of getting through it are to time the jump perfectly and reach the white orb. Even if you do reach it, from what I saw, the game will arbitrarily kill you based on weak hit detection rules. Even though I'm not visibly touching the sprite, it still registers as a hit detection, because the hit boxes are bigger than the sprites. When I finally DID beat that level, the first half played out exactly the same as all the other failed attempts, except this time, the hit didn't register for some reason. Even though I was actually _touching_ the spike thing this time. So [not touching = hit] and [touching = no hit]. Good logic.

If you're going to do something like that (i.e. I wanna be the guy), you need to make the hit box _smaller_ than the sprite. Ever so slightly. That way, when you die, you know it's because you really touched that spike, and not because the algorithm is poorly done. That way, you can fine-tune the level to be as ball-crushingly difficult as you want, and it will still be fair. No, really. Load up IWBTG right now. Right now. Go to a spike. inch your way towards it. After enough attempts, you will eventually get your foot inside the spike and still be alive. Kayin knew he was making a difficult game, but he still wanted to make it fair. There's also Touhou. The hitbox is usually 1 pixel in size, at the center of the character sprite. The difficulty comes from there being so many projectiles on the screen that are often bigger than the character sprite, that it's hard _not_ to get hit. To become successful at those games, you have to get a feel for where that pixel is, and un-learn the habit of looking at the enemy while you're attacking them.

So yeah, I consider the hit detection in this game to be lackluster. And to think, you *designed a level* around it. Fine-tuned it. And the result is that buggy bitch of a level.

That's why this level is badly designed.

SO. Fake binary string and fake difficulty. Those are both worthy of a star. Two stars, precisely. Which is exactly what I'm subtracting from the score.

Can You Beat It? Can You Beat It?

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

After somehow failing to reach the red square by a very large margin, twice, I went ahead and activated Cheat Engine, fired up Speed Hack, got to the end, set the speed to 10%, got to the very edge of the last block, where moving any further causes you to fall, and precisely jumped.

Wanna know what happened? I was short by a whole block-width.

It can't be done. This game is impossible. Therefore, it is not a challenge.

Giving it a half star because the playable portion is reasonably fun.

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Ricochet Heroes Ricochet Heroes

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

My only complaints are that the physics are a little weird, and that the game's too short. But hey, you only had two days.

Not sure if it's possible to get a game over from losing too many heroes; I just beat the game on my first try.

Overall great job!

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The Heroic Rooster The Heroic Rooster

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Character is too slow. Especially considering that this game is obviously taking inspiration from Sonic.

Seeds = Rings.
Ants = Roboticized animals.
Rooster = Sonic.
S Hi T = Robotnik. RoNOTnick?
"Act Conplete"

You should make him able to accelerate to higher speeds, and design the stages to better accommodate said speed.

The controls are unpleasant and floaty. You should make them tighter, more responsive, and faster.

Sound dips suddenly when Dr. Ronotnik speaks. You should have the volume lower and raise in a gradual triangle pattern rather than a sudden square, and it shouldn't lower to less than 70% volume. This is to make it subtle enough that the player doesn't notice the dip in volume to accommodate the voice. I'm not supposed to notice that.

Lacking fun factor. Though this could be a consequence of the controls. If you're going to emulate Sonic, then you should probably look closer at what makes it exciting to play. One thing I notice is that seeds are not exciting to collect in this game. Try giving them a little animation, and adding a subtle sound when you pick them up, so that they have a little liveliness to them.

I lost interest around the stage where you're trying to find a password for the doors. I just got bored. That's definitely not a good sign.

So my suggestions would be to take a closer look at games like the original Sonic The Hedgehog trilogy (study the game mechanics), Phoenotopia (study what makes it polished and exciting), and, I hate to bring this up again, since it's barely relevant, but I Wanna Be The Boshy, for its tight controls.

Aside from all that, I can tell you put a lot of work into this game. But the glaring issues prevent it from getting a really good score.

DIWAKAR responds:

Thanx for the review !!

Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil Ventures Of ♛Cyberdevil

Rated 2 / 5 stars

It's fun at first, but it falls short.

I can see you're going for an 'I Wanna Be The Guy' theme here, but the thing about IWBTG is not the traps, but the actual working difficulty. IWBTG, unlike 99% of its fan games, is actually fun because, aside from the occasional trap or two, it's actually a challenging game, no matter how many times you've played through it, or how well you've memorized it, you will still die, a lot. That's why I like Solgryn's I Wanna Be The Boshy; it takes what makes IWBTG work so well, and amps it up to 11. IWBTB was, and still is, the hardest game I've ever played in my life. Not even Ninja Gaiden holds a candle to that one.

So where am I going with that point? When you abuse traps, it creates fake difficulty. When the player memorize those traps, they will virtually no longer fall for them.

Case and point: it only took me 3 runs of this game to no-death it (IQ:600-something), with barely any effort, on a keyboard, with the backwards right-hand-movement control scheme. The difficulty is non-existent in this game.

The other glaring issue of this game is, and lots of other people have mentioned this, the floaty controls. The character slides around too much, making precise jumping very tedious. Tedious, not difficult. It took the first two plays to adapt to the weird physics of this game, but that does not excuse them. Along with the sliding floaty physics, the jumping is also wacky; I shouldn't have to spend more than a second jumping onto a platform. Why am I falling just one pixel short of getting on top of that block (the down-to-jump level)? Why do I have to go away from it to build momentum just to jump a little higher? That strikes me as a bug.

The thing is, if you had just used Macromedia's or Adobe's Flash IDEs, instead of some "game maker" program, these problems wouldn't be an issue. You'd have to spend more time creating the physics yourself, and thus be able to fine-tune them, and build the levels more precisely around the character. That would not only eliminate the terrible controls, but it would also make for finer control of the difficulty.

If you plan to do something like this again in the future, I wouldn't say to emulate The Unfair Platformer, or IWBTG, its flash tribute, etc. But instead, I Wanna Be The Boshy. IWBTB has the most solid controls out of all the "I Wanna Be The [Thing]" games that I've played over the years. This game has devious level design, made precisely for soul-crushing difficulty. Aside from the occasional trap/joke, your deaths are your own fault. This is why I use it as THE metric for judging IWBTG-like games.

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DIWAKAR responds:

OOOoooooo !!
OOK Sir!

Jelly Lam Jelly Lam

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game was easy. I beat it in half an hour (26 minutes) and it was always obvious what I had to do. Not that this is a bad thing. But I DID 3-star all the levels without much effort, and only died 66 times. Mainly due to carelessness.

I found the third "episode" to be the most fun. I think you should make another game that runs with the third episode's theme, because that's where the game really ramped up. And that is the part that really redeems this game. If not for the third episode, I would have given this game a 2.5/5.

[End of Review]

If anyone's interested, here's the end status screen I was greeted with after completing the game:

I can't just post a link knowing it will eventually rot. If you are reading this review in, let's say 2018, and the above link is dead because either the image got deleted or imgur went down in a blaze of glory for whatever reason, then here's the transcript of the picture just as a backup:

If (when) that link goes down too, then I apologize in advance for the ulgy, unformatted text you are about to read:


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