2013-10-14 02:17:16 by B1KMusic

So, I found a way to record with decent quality using a shitty headset mic.

Thanks to the sound absorbing quality of cushions, the program Audacity, and a shitty headset mic that is for some reason missing the foamy part, I just made a decent quality recording of some piano improv. It's not great, but it's a start!

What I did, if you wanna know:

1) Get headset mic

2) Get good quality headphone (I have a pair of 64 ohm Sennheiser headphones)

3) Plug good headphones into piano keyboard

4) Place laptop, headphones, and headset on a surface that is cushiony, like a bed, couch, carpet, or ottoman.

5) Place the mic of the headset on top of the headphone speaker of the headphones plugged into the keyboard

6) Place a cushion above the headset/headphone rig so that it will absorb reverb and other such nonsense

7) Load up audacity

8) Press record

9) Wait 5 seconds

10) Start playing

11) Select the first 5 seconds of silence

12) Effects>Noise Removal

13) Get Noise Profile

14) select the whole thing

15) Effects>Noise Removal again

16) Preview it and raise the first bar until the noise is inaudible

17) apply

18) Remove the silence at the beginning

And bam! Sorta good quality recording! Just imagine what could be done with a mic that doesn't sound like ass!

Oh, and here's a link to the improv:

The song is the theme from Barbouillageville. I half-assed it, sorry :/ I didn't know if the recording would come out good or not, and I'd been experimenting for a good two hours with different crazy setups prior to this recording, to try to get a recording that didn't sound, well, like it's being recorded in a closet made of bricks, lol.


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2013-10-14 15:16:24

Not too bad! You must have a better mic than me, even with noise removal and them other effects (normalization, equalization and a high pass filter) I never get this clear sound. ;/