I'm back...sorta!

2013-10-01 05:07:26 by B1KMusic

I made a new project thingy! Check it out!

Well, I'm not really gonna publish this, as it's not really a game. It's an experiment with newgrounds' HTML5 game system.

Besides, the HTML5 demos that I included can be found on my jsfiddle.

And on the subject of newgrounds' HTML5 upload system...

To my surprise, it worked exactly as I wanted it to. I thought I was going to have to use some silly API or something.

Au contraire, you just organize the file(s) the same way you would on a live website, violently cram them into a .zip with no room to breathe, and upload it.

So it's pretty much "anything goes", which is great news, because I would NOT want to use some horrid IDE like the games factory, MMF2, or Yoyo Games to make something in HTML5 :/ No thanks, I'll write it myself.


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2013-10-01 06:48:33

Pretty cool! The LEGO generater gives me a 'stop rampant script' message though. Using FF. Good to hear it's a simple process, I've been thinking of upgrading my skills from v4>5... but that'll have to wait a while.

PM reply on route btw, hopefully, soon...

B1KMusic responds:

Glad you liked what you saw!

That's kinda weird that FF thought the lego generator was a runaway script...it is a pretty simple script.

Also, really the only difference between HTML4 and 5 is that HTML5 adds some new tags to HTML, new functionality to JavaScript, and new rules and syntax to CSS.

Some examples would be the canvas tag, its API in JavaScript, the video and audio tags, the article tag, localStorage and sessionStorage. It really didn't take long for me to upgrade. The steepest learning curve was how to effectively use the canvas (all of the demos use the canvas element).