Oh you computers :P

2012-11-25 22:20:28 by B1KMusic

Well, my computer is just a genius and never stops finding ways to troll the shit out of me.

So my computer had an aneurysm and took a dirt nap over a month ago, and I got a new OS on it to fix it (Ubuntu "Quantal Quetzal"). The new OS is really nice; secure and fast, and when I plugged the old broken hard drive in it actually read the files and didn't need to Format, unlike what my other windows computer told me.

However, there are always drawbacks.

As far as I've read, FL Studio doesn't exactly run on Linux, since it's .exe, so I have to run it through a VM running windows (it's actually very nice, but unbearably slow at times).

It also seems that my registration with image-line has magically vanished (or I forgot my info), so even If I get FL, I can't save my music because I'll only be able to use the Demo. And there i no way I'm paying 700 dollars for a new registration. Fuck that.


I'll be trying to straighten this BS out. Until then, I can't post any music :/

I think I'll have it figured out in about a week or so.

Oh you computers :P


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2013-05-19 18:12:10

Note: Ubuntu is good, but Mint is even better.

I've even been looking into Arch Linux because being a minimalist kind of guy, I absolutely hate bloatware.